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Our 2020 Round-Up And Plans For The Year Ahead

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How is everyone ? It appears there is now a small light at the end of the tunnel. COVID-19 vaccination programmes are being rolled out across the world. Including here in the UK. We hope you are keeping safe and well. This is our 2020 round-up and plans for the year ahead including 2022.

In 2019 we decided that in the following year we would try and visit a handful of brand-new countries. Mixing it up a little between city breaks and beach holidays.

After much deliberation, lots of research and many changes of mind, we narrowed it down and booked to go to five new countries. This would also include some cross boarder travel, which would mean we would make it to six brand new countries.

Fast forward to 2020.

Our 2020 Round-Up And Plans For The Year Ahead

Our plans for our incredible year of travel in 2020 were as follows –

Belgium (Bruges) and the Czech Republic (Prague). Which would involve a trip into Germany (Dresden). Portugal (The Algarve) this would include a trip into Spain (Seville) and a day in Gibraltar. We would also go to Greece (Santorini) and finally Poland (Krakow).

Obviously, all these were booked before the outbreak of COVID-19, and well before anyone knew how serious this would turn out to be. We managed to get to Bruges, Prague and Dresden before countries went into full lockdown mode.

We did manage to rearrange our trip to Portugal that would have taken place in May. We were two weeks away from going to Santorini but then a handful of Greek islands were removed from the travel corridor. This trip was then rearranged for this year (2021). Krakow however was just outright cancelled and refunded. We still have plans to visit so we will just rebook this one for a later date.

I would also like to add that two of these trips were booked through Jet2 and the other was with Tui. All rearrangements, cancellations and refunds were handled incredibly well by both companies. Wonderful customer service. They must have been under immense pressure.

How the Pandemic affected us in 2020

So how did all this affect us ? Well, Vicky worked all through this as she is a frontline healthcare worker. I was Furloughed for about four months and then faced redundancy from my job. Working for the UKs largest charity that looks after our heritage I wasn’t keen on losing it. I love it so much.

Luckily for me I did get to keep my job but I did say goodbye to some amazing friends and colleagues that didn’t.

Moving on a few months to October and Vicky tested positive for COVID-19. It was an incredible shock to both of us, especially after being so careful. Vicky’s symptoms were mild, she did lose both her sense of smell and taste. She felt very tired and drained and still does to some degree even now.

I did not show any symptoms so therefore I didn’t get a test. I would be very surprised if I didn’t catch the virus during this time. We isolated for fourteen days.

Fast Forward To 2021

It is now January 2021 and the UK has entered its 3rd national lockdown. Cases of COVID-19 and sadly, the death rate, still keep rising here. In fact at the time of writing this England has just registered another 1600 deaths, the most on one day since the crisis began.

Vicky has also received her first jab of Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine, so that is great news.

We are hopeful that by September our week in Santorini will go ahead as planned. However our holidays to Portugal (re-arranged from 2020) and Aruba (booked right at the beginning of 2020) still hang in the balance, as these take place early in the year.

Improving Our Blog For The Year Ahead

So, to bridge this gap of uncertainty we have been busy. We have been re-writing and re-designing this blog and started planning future content. Travel or no travel.

Vicky signed us up for some travel newsletters and registered our interest to take part in some virtual travel events. Our plans also include reaching out to some tourist boards regarding past and future trips. Fingers crossed !

Planning trips for 2022 and being optimistic about the future

We are also making travel plans for 2022, we are being optimistic and we like to have things to look forward to. It would be silly of us to sit on our hands and not plan ahead. So therefore, our first adventure booked and planned for that year will be a city break over to Venice !

So, what else do we have planned for 2022 ? Well, lots more blog posts hopefully and depending on how this years travel plans go maybe more new countries and cities to visit. Both of us fancy different places and so far top of the list are Cyprus, Budapest and Bali.

This was not the yearly round-up post that we would have hoped for. At least it gives you all an idea of where we are at as we go into what will be our fourth year of blogging.

You can read all about the two city breaks that did go ahead last year. Click the following links, A Trip To Bruges , Three Day City Break To Prague and Prague To Dresden With Flixbus.

Dresden, Germany

Please continue to support us. We love talking to new people about travel and love researching trips based upon your suggestions and experiences.

Anyway, that is it, enjoy the rest of your day. Follow us on social media and subscribe to our blog so you can be notified when new posts go live.

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