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About Us

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Hello, its just us two, Jason and Vicky. We love to travel. We love long/short haul holidays and city breaks. Some of our favourite places to visit in Europe are Italy, Spain and The Netherlands. We’ve been to Cuba and Mexico and we will revisit again one day.

I am sure that by the time you have read this we will have travelled to many more countries, check out our interactive map below to see where we have travelled.

We’ve explored Southern Spain, hit the Canary Islands and been around the Balearic’s. Completely new to the travel blogging scene we have no idea were this will take us or how far it can go. We just thought we would share our experiences with you and share some friendly help and advice along the way.

Always planning our next adventure, who knows where we will end up next !

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We both work full time so we juggle our holidays and breaks away around our jobs. If you would like to be involved with our blog in some way and would like to work with us please get in touch using our contact form.

Just Us Two in Sorrento, Italy
Just Us Two in Sorrento, Italy

All location images on this blog are taken by us unless stated *

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