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Taking Jason On A Surprise Trip To Rome

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Last year (2017) it was my 40th birthday. I wasn’t really up for celebrating the big ‘four zero’ but the year before Vicky had an idea, “let’s go away” she said. I definitely would not argue. There was one condition though, the destination was to be a surprise and I would only find out at the check-in desk on the day we fly. Would Vicky be able to keep the secret? If you are looking to organise a surprise trip to Rome, then read on!

The Day Arrived, The Big Reveal

Fast forward 18 months to September 2017 and the day of the holiday. Still no idea of where we would travel to we arrived at Leeds Bradford Airport. Suitcases out of the car, we made our way to the terminal. Trying to avoid all the departure boards, we eventually got to the check-in desk. “passports please,” the girl behind the counter said. “where are you flying to today?” she asked. “Funny you should say that, I do not know!” I replied. Vicky explained it was a surprise. Our suitcases taken, weighed and sent on their way. Our passports checked and boarding cards handed over, the destination finally revealed. ROME! I honestly couldn’t believe Vicky kept this a secret for so long. I thought she would crack with all the excitement. But hats off to her superb job!

Starting with the standard airport breakfast of a bacon sandwich and a cup of tea, travel guides and tickets for trips already pre-booked, she passed over to me. This was going to be an amazing few days. The bucket list was going to get hammered! This was also to be the first time either of us had been to Italy. Another country ticked off the list.

Day One – Let The Surprise Trip To Rome, Begin

Anyway, enough with the airport talk. Let’s get on with the trip. First highlight, flying over The Alps. Light clouds covered the snow-topped mountains. I’ve flown over The Pyrenees countless times, but this was something else. Absolutely stunning, tiny villages and bright blue lakes all nestled between valleys with a single road connecting them all.

We arrived at our hotel and after checking in and a quick change of clothes; we grabbed a quick bite to eat. Pizza, from a fab little place just on the corner called Pinsere. Freshly made and delicious. Now to find our bearings. Our stay for the next few days would be the beautiful Marcella Royal Hotel on via Flavia. With a stunning rooftop view out over the city. Only a few minutes walk into the centre passed glorious fountains and some incredible architecture.

Time To Roam Around Rome

The Pantheon. What an amazing building. A former Roman temple now used as a church. I’ve always wanted to visit this place and now I am here. Stood looking up at its columns and vast dome. Burial site of two Italian Kings and one of the most famous painters, Raphael. There is a dress code to enter. We nearly didn’t get in. We knew about this before we visited, so we thought we would be fine. Vicky had her shoulders covered, but they deemed them not covered enough. This was after seeing another girl being allowed to enter with denim shorts up her bum! We were heartbroken we couldn’t enter until a member of staff who was helping organise the cues lent her a scarf.

Inside the Pantheon, looking at its vast domed roof during our surprise trip to Rome.
Inside the Pantheon, looking up at its vast domed roof.
Trevi fountain. Seen during our surprise trip to Rome.
Trevi fountain, Rome.

We wondered the streets some more. Had delicious Gelato from Venchi and did a bit of shopping before eventually finding one of the most famous fountains in the world, the Trevi fountain. We joined the hundreds of people who were also here to see this beautiful work of art. Of course, before we left, we did the touristy thing of throwing coins over our shoulders into the water. Money collected from people doing this goes towards helping Romes poor. This is only day one and we are quickly falling in love with this city.

Day Two – Jason’s Birthday & More Surprises

The day of Jason’s 40th birthday had arrived. I knew one place he’s been wanting to visit more than anything was The Vatican City and St Peter’s Basilica. He is a huge history nerd and even though we don’t follow a religion, we always love to visit churches and other religious monuments, and what better place to do this.

Spending The Day At The Vatican Museum

I bought us bought ‘skip the line’ tickets directly from the Vatican Museum’s website months before our visit. These came in handy because the queues to get in were huge. We definitely saved some time here. Doing my research before the trip I read you would need a good two or three hours to see everything here, including the Basilica. Wrong! The museum is full of rooms and exhibits. This is a full day experience, so don’t rush it. There is so much to see here. Let’s not forget that besides all this, it is also home to the Sistine Chapel!

The amount of things on show, Roman history, an Egyptian museum, the art, the sculptures, religious relics, the list just goes on. Looking around and soaking up everything just left us speechless. Before you leave the museums behind, don’t forget to send yourself a postcard from the Vatican’s very own post office, a nice souvenir to arrive when you get home, stamped with the Vatican’s very own post mark!

St Peter’s Basilica

Next, we headed to St Peter’s Basilica. We were fairly late arriving here because we spent a hell of a lot of time in the museums. The queue to get in was big, but it moved quickly. Tombs of countless Popes and Saints. The sun shining through St Peter’s Baldachin (a monument that stands over St Peter’s tomb) at the far end was magical.

The one thing that struck both of us was the tomb of Saint John Paul II. There was something quite surreal as we sat and had a moment. Everything felt right with the world. A moment’s peace. A silent thought for family and friends we both had lost in recent years.

St. Peters Basilica, Vatican City. Surprise trip to Rome.
St. Peters Basilica.
Marble Statue Of Jupiter, Vatican Museum. Surprise trip to Rome.
Marble statue of Jupiter, Vatican museum.

This was an incredible day, one we would certainly never forget. Walking back to our hotel, we hit up a few more shops and got tiramisu from Pompi. If you go to Rome, make sure you check this place out. The day ended with food at La Bottega Ristorante Punturi again just down from our hotel on via Flavia. The food was delicious, lasagne and a bottle of wine. Happy Birthday Jason!

Time To End Our Surprise Trip To Rome

Our last day in Rome ended with a trip to the Colosseum, Roman Forum, Palatine Hill and Circus Maximus. Knowing the stories of what happened here. The heart of the Roman Empire, Julius Caesar, what a place to be. So much history all in one place. That all this is still here, still standing after thousands of years, is quite remarkable. A testament to everything they did and still do for us to this day.

We were never short of things to see during our surprise trip to Rome.
We were never short of things to see during our surprise trip to Rome.

All these places are busy, very busy. But don’t let that put you off. You can’t come to Rome and not do any of these sights. Some of this stuff is once in a lifetime. Although we would love to visit again, and we will, to fit in a ton more stuff that we just didn’t have time to do. We absolutely fell in love with this city and can’t recommend it enough. Our hotel was incredible, the staff were so friendly, rooms were spotless and we had a roof terrace, one of only a few hotels in Rome to have one.

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We hope you enjoyed reading this post; we had a blast writing it and reminiscing. This was our first trip to Italy. Since then though, we have been to Naples and have a trip planned for Sorrento next year. I think it’s safe to say Italy has us hooked. Leave your comments below as we would love to know what you think. Are you planning on organising a surprise trip to Rome or anywhere else for your loved one or friend? Hopefully, this will give you a few ideas for your next trip. Let us know in the comments.

Have you been to Rome? Tell us about your time there.

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  1. 11/08/2020 / 22:14

    Wow! Seems like you have a wonderful vacation. I hope to be able to visit one day for I have yet to. It’s no wonder you weren’t able to see everything you wanted to within a 3 day trip w/the amount of history it has and all. I think I could observe the ceiling of the Vatican museum all day alone lol, talk about a work of art.

    • 12/08/2020 / 08:00

      thank you so much for commenting, we already have plans to go back and see everything we missed, Rome is so beautiful

  2. 21/11/2019 / 19:33

    Rome is one of our favourite city from Europe! We love the food, the people and the ancient ruins!
    I am glad to see that you are in love with this city, too!
    The Vatican City and St Peter’s Basilica were our favourites! Your decision of taking the “skip the line’ pass was very good! You gain a lot of time doing this!
    I am waiting for your Sorrento article because I have never been to that city and I am curious to see how it is!

    • 23/11/2019 / 12:54

      we loved Rome so much, there are still some things we ran out of time to see, thats a good excuse to go back !

  3. JustUsTwoTravel
    04/12/2018 / 22:19

    we loved our time in Rome, it captured our hearts, since then we have been to Naples and have a trip to Sorrento planned in 2019

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