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We recently bought some new suitcases and upgraded one or two pieces of our travel kit. We’ve seen other travel bloggers do a similar post and thought it would be a fun idea too to list some of our travel essentials and equipment we take with us on our trips – Vicky.


Vesgantti Suitcases
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As we just mentioned we recently decided to purchase some new suitcases. Our old set consisted of a large, medium and cabin sized group of the ‘IT Worlds Lightest’. These were great cases and weighed hardly anything so were superb for travelling. However, now looking a little battered it was time to invest in something new.

Visiting a number of local high street stores we couldn’t find anything that we really liked, Winter is closing in and holiday clothes and travel accessories are vanishing off the shelves to make way for Christmas stock. So as we sometimes do we decided to take a look on the ever faithful Amazon. We are visiting Barcelona in November and Cuba in May 2019 so wanted to upgrade as soon as possible.

We opted for this yellow/green set from Vesgantti. One 20″ a 24″ and a 28″ case. Don’t they look great, easily recognisable and nice and sturdy. Featuring a built-in TSA (Transportation Security Administration) lock, 4 x 360° wheels, scratch resistant surface and extendable handles. For less than £100 a bargain we thought.

Travel Plugs

For a number of years now we have travelled with the usual single socket travel plugs for either our European adventures or our trips to Mexico and Cuba.

International Travel Plug
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These have been great, however with the ever-growing list of electrical items we take with us, especially now we are blogging, including phones, tablet devices, cameras, back-up batteries and power banks etc. Single plugs are just not enough. Most of these can be charged with a USB cable too.

Step up this little beauty, the All in One Travel Power Plug Adaptor by iBlockCube® Featuring four USB slots, pop-up pins that enables this plug to be used in over 200 countries and LED lights to show status of charging devices. Two of these will now join our list of essential items we travel with.

SD Cards

SanDisk Extreme Pro SD Card
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We all like taking photos and videos of our adventures and sharing them with friends, family and of course our blog audience. Choosing a good quality SD or MICRO SD card can be tough. If you film in HD on your DSLR camera or using an action camera such as a GoPro you want a card than can handle it and produce the best results.

Here are a couple Jason recommends you add to your kit now. He uses both these and has two or three of each with different storage outputs, 32GB, 64GB and 128GB. It’s also a good idea to have somewhere to store these if you carry multiple cards.

SD Card Wallet And Storage
SD Wallet
SanDisk 64gb Micro SD Card
Micro SD

Portable Charger

I don’t know about you but when we are out and about on our travels our phones get absolutely hammered. Taking photos, shooting videos, keeping up with all our social media commitments, checking in to locations etc. Those batteries don’t last for ever. Invest in a power bank you can slip into a bag or rucksack.

We would be lost without ours. Charge them up over night and take them with you the next day. Definitely an essential you shouldn’t be without. Don’t be stuck with a low battery charge especially if you have to make an emergency call too, don’t get caught out.

Anker Portable Power Bank
Anker Portable Power Bank, Just One Of Our Travel Essentials

Selfie Stick

Ok, we were dead against ever owning one of these. We always thought they looked a bit tacky and very touristy. However, it’s actually a godsend sometimes. We use it with our GoPro we use it when we might not want to hand over our phones to ask people to take a quick photo of us both. It’s great for filming in certain situations. Travelling around we want to get as much scenery in our selfies as possible to get that perfect shot so having a stick helps massively. We wouldn’t travel without ours now. Order your Selfie Stick today on Amazon. !

Travel Wallet

It goes without saying everyone should own something like this, keep all your passports, health cards, visas and travel documents in one place. Shop Amazons huge range of travel wallets.

Travel Guides

We love travel guides. Our collection is coming on nicely with locations we have travelled to and places ‘on the list’. One of our favourite series to collect are Rough Guides. They are a good size to pack in a bag to read while travelling around. Full of fantastic information, maps and tips. Check out the massive selection on their very own Amazon store.

GoPro Camera

GoPro HERO6 Action Camera

Now, this might not be an ‘essential’ but having recently invested in one we were wondering why we didn’t buy one sooner. We bought ours before our trip to Naples because we were toying with the idea of doing something on YouTube. We’ve shot the odd clip on our phones before.

With a trip to Cuba on the horizon Jason was thinking of filming in the sea and on the beach. An action camera is perfect for this, I’m sure we don’t have to tell you how good GoPro‘s are. Seriously, if you are thinking of branching out into YouTube now or in the future, invest, get filming those clips now because you never know when you might need them. Not to mention saving the memories of those fantastic trips and holidays.

You can see our first clips video we filmed in Naples below. Not bad for a first effort, great quality from the camera. Just need to work on those editing skills. Expect more footage from our next adventures though. We have the bug to film everything now !

Travel Currency Card

We recently invested in a top-up currency card from WeSwap. It’s a way to swap money with other travellers for cheaper rates. Simply top it up and go. You can use it in over 200 countries with 18 currencies and its contactless. You can also order currency from them or send those old notes stashed away in drawers from previous trips to be loaded back on to your card.

We top up our’s and use it for meals and drinks. Very easy to use and saves us carrying pockets of cash around. There is also an app so you can keep track of your balances and top up on the go, check it out, we highly recommend looking into this. If you sign up using our link you’ll get up to £10 free to use when you top-up your card. Apply for your WeSwap card today.

* Update – New Items *

Bose QuietComfort 35 (Series II) Wireless Headphones
Bose QuietComfort 35 (Series II) Wireless Headphones

Bose QuietComfort 35 (Series II) Wireless Headphones

If you are anything like me and love your music then you need to add these to your travel kit. Whenever we fly or travel long distances both me and Vicky like to mess around on our iPhones and tablets, listen to music and play games to pass the time. When i listen to my tunes i just use the standard earphones that come with the apple device, decent but not great.

With a 10 hour flight over to Cuba and two weeks relaxing by the pool due in May the time was right to make a purchase. I have been wanting to upgrade to something a little more ‘beefier’ for sometime. After some research and testing i chose these, Bose QuietComfort 35 Series II. These will blow your socks off. The sound quality is just what you expect from any Bose product. Easy to connect via Bluetooth to any Apple or Android device. Very well made and super comfy with 20 hours charge wireless and 40 hours wired. Invest in a pair of these today and you wont be sorry. They might be slightly pricey, but compared to the cheaper Beats brand, these are an investment.


Olympus PEN E-PL9 Camera

A fantastic camera for bloggers. The Olympus PEN E-PL9 has everything. Interchangeable lenses, 4K video recording, 16 Mega Pixels, a 3 inch screen and many more features. Its an all round camera.  It is a great size for travel. More features include –

  • Bluetooth and WIFI connectivity foe Quick & Easy connection to your smartphone allowing you to share images and control the camera.
  • Excellent image quality thanks to 16 megapixel CMOS sensor with large dynamic range and powerful TruePic VIII image processor
  • Perfect for Selfies: High-resolution, flip-down 3 inch touch LCD for direct access to the creative functions.
  • Timeless, stylish design in a compact and lightweight body
  • Olympus Pen E-PL9 Camera, Olympus M.Zuiko 14-42mm EZ Pancake Lens, BLS‑50 Lithium‑Ion Battery, BCS‑5 Battery Charger
Olympus PEN E-PL9
Olympus PEN E-PL9

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Comment below with your travel essentials and kit you can’t leave home without when you head off on your adventures around the globe.


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