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Can you believe its October already ? The months just seem to fall away and before you know it packs of Christmas cards are back in the shops.

This year has been both good and difficult for me. Almost every week this year I have travelled for work abroad. Sounds good doesn’t it ? But trust me – it becomes so difficult when you are travelling for a long day at the office rather than to explore or relax. On the other (and better) hand I have had a string of amazing trips and I have managed to visit five new wonderful and unique countries !


To be truthful I didn’t expect much from Slovenia. I didn’t know anything about the country or anyone who had been there. But Slovenia absolutely blew me away. It is stunning. The capital city is colourful and bursting with nature, and the national park boasts possibly one of the most beautiful lakes in the world – Lake Bled.

If that’s not enough, it’s super cheap and really easy to get around. I rented a car for 5 days for just £18 !

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What an incredible place. I had many people warning me about the culture in the UAE – telling me what to wear, and how to act. The truth is the people in Dubai are completely welcoming of tourists, and will in fact go above and beyond for you. I went in June which is in the cheap season, probably because its absolutely scorching out there! To stay in the Sofitel on the Palm costs 4-5 times more in January than in June so if you can cope with the heat it’s the best time to go (except during Ramadan !).

Dubai is packed with luxury hotels, beach clubs and extreme sports like skydiving over the Palm and Dune Bashing in the desert ! If you want to live life to the max for a few days – Dubai is the place to go.

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Summer was perfectly spent travelling down the Dalmatian Coast between Split to Dubrovnik. Croatia is full of picturesque towns featuring beautiful old stone buildings and pebble beaches. Days were spent exploring and sunbathing and evenings spent eating tapas and drinking Aperol Spritzs.

Croatia has some amazing history, especially in Dubrovnik. The city walls are outstanding and the perfect place to watch the sunset over the city. It’s also become a hub of Game of Thrones fans with many recognisable filming locations around the city.

Outside of the cities Croatia has some stunning natural beauty spots such as Krka National Park with its magnificent waterfalls. Perfect for a swim on a hot day !

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Although it’s just across the pond for me I’ve never been to Ireland before. I’m not sure why I haven’t since it’s so cheap to fly there !

Dublin is a unique capital city free from skyscrapers and full of beer ! It’s the perfect place to explore as a weekend get away. As soon as you get outside of Dublin centre, the countryside starts and doesn’t end until Belfast in Northern Ireland. Ireland has some amazing countryside and coastline including the impressive Giant’s Causeway. It’s also another fantastic place to go for Game of Thrones lovers !

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What a crazy city ! By day – cycle around the city, visit the museums and eat some amazing pancakes or apple pie. Then by night – experience the sleaziness of red light district.

Although a city, Amsterdam has some great beauty spots. Vondelpark is beautiful on a sunny day or if you have a little more time take the train to Zaanse Schans to see the countryside and the wonderful windmills !


In between all of the above I have been commuting to Paris from the UK. This year alone I have travelled to Paris almost 40 times. My relationship with Paris is a love/hate one. I think it’s a gorgeous city full of amazing architecture, museums and macaroons ! I would recommend it to anyone thinking of travelling there.

Most people I talk to think working in Paris sounds like a dream. I have the privilege of working in the concrete jungle that is La Defense – unexciting, boring and insanely expensive. Even more so than the Champs-Élysées. My only saving grace is that on the rare occasion when I’m not too busy at work I can catch a train into the city to explore a little ! I will probably be here for months yet – I hope I can finally see the Moulin Rouge some time !

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It’s safe for me to say I have never travelled as much as I have this year. I can’t wait to see what 2019 brings !

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    fantastic blog, so many wonderful places visited, Croatia and Slovenia are on our list

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